Saturday, October 17, 2009

Giraffe, Baby, & Cuteness, Oh My!!!

~ A few months ago, I completed this layout. I've had it hanging on my wall to enjoy since then because I just love it bunches!!! The fabulous giraffe paper piecing was cut from a design by Is it cute, or what??!!! The title is made of glittery chipboard letters, and I used glitter around mats, some magic mesh, and the oval cutter to finish it off. The soft colors, wonderful pix, and no blue make this one of my favorite baby boy layouts ever!!
The pictures don't do it justice. The colors are soft oranges on white.

On a blogging role tonight!!!
Jessica in Kansas


rubberstampinzone said...

That giraffe is adorable. as well as the photo's and the pages. Absolutely Gorgeous work. Very well done. I love the softness and the hints of glitter.
Thanks for sharing!

~Christina~ said...

That is simply too gorgeous! Just wonderful :)