Monday, September 8, 2008

In the Mood for Fall!

~ In my small Kansas town, we've had a beautiful cool-down for the past week, and it has really put me in the mood for fall! I've enjoyed opening up the windows, digging out the sweatshirts, and thinking about the fun my hubby and I had playing in our leaves last year!! Being the first fall in our new home, we were quite overwhelmed by the quantity of leaves that covered our rather large yard!. We ended up raking, and raking, and jumping in them, and buying a leaf vacuum/mulcher, and still not getting them all picked up before winter set in! Regardless, it was a memory worth capturing! I just put the finishing touches on this layout and thought I'd share!
Jessica in Kansas


Carrie Schwartz said...

Hi Jess!

Your blog is off to a great start...congratulations!

I love your fall memories and the layout!

Thank you for sharing your blog with me!


~Christina~ said...

This is awesome!!! I absolutely love it!