Monday, October 20, 2008

Check it out...I was featured as a guest designer!!!

~ The blog known as Sketches! {by tamara} is one of my favorites for daily inspiration. I have used several of their sketches as designs for my projects in the recent past. Several weeks ago, I was honored when Tamara invited me to be a guest designer. My charge was to create an original card from any one of my favorite sketches posted on her blog. I could not choose just one favorite, so I chose two and sent both of my creations to Tamara for her choosing. Well, she posted both a week ago Saturday when I was featured!! Here is the link to the actual post featuring none other than...ME!!! There, you can see the projects and sketches I used. The cards I submitted are posted below, too!
This card used an interesting color combination that I was unsure about, but I ended up liking it quite well. It was also the first time I used this embroidered paper and fun lime green ribbon. don't you just love the monkey stamp, dragonfly brads, and silk flowers?!!!

This card, I am intrigued by!!! It is a stand-up tag card. When opened, the tag stands up and sits inside the little box base. When closed, it's flat and fits perfectly inside a regular card-sized envelope!! It was the first one of its kind I created, and I'm hooked now!!
I used a cutting file by Sam & Hailey Designs to make this awesome card in a jiffy!!! I just easily assembled and added fun foil paper, stamps and ink, fiber/ribbon, and some metal birthday embellishments!!
I hope you visit the link and see the nice write-up Tamara did when I was featured!!! Thanks for letting me share!
Hugs to you,
Jessica in Kansas

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~Christina~ said...

Sketches! {by tamara} is one of my very favorite blogs too. How awesome that you were featured there!! CONGRATS!!!