Thursday, October 23, 2008

Heart Frame Cards ~ simple and elegant

~ I discovered another card cutting file designed by Jan Bryson of Sam & Hailey Designs that I'm in love with!!! It's a heart frame card. I cut these out of two-sided card stock, added the pictures, folded up, stamped the heart borders and down the right edge, added a brad to the half heart, and tied some ribbon on!! Last, but not least, I sparkled the stamped flowers up with Stickles, one of my favorite embellishments to use!! Tah-dah...two cards ready to give...just like that!!! I actually made these for my sister-in-law to give to our aunt and grandma. I snapped these adorable pictures of them during her baby shower, and just thought they needed to be shared in a creative way!!!Let me know what you think!!
Hugs from cold & rainy Kansas,

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~Christina~ said...

Awesome job. I just made my first cards. If I get the nerve I'll post mine. LOL. I love the process though :)