Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Color My World...

~ I completed this layout over the weekend and submitted it for a challenge on a designer's blog: Carrie's Creations. She designs paper-piecing cutting files which I use with my KNK, and I love the uniqueness, quality, and ease of cutting her files. This particular layout uses the die cuts in one of her files called Color My World. I just LOVED the pieces, and it was the perfect file to use for these remodeling pix of our basement, which my husband has called a "crayon box" and an "Easter egg"!! He was not fond of the color choices, but you can see that I got my way!!! That's what he gets for sending me after paint!!

The green room will be our first child's room...when that time comes. The yellow is a spare bedroom, in which my mom stays when she's here from Oklahoma. And turquoise is the color I chose for my new scrap-room, which has white cabinets installed!! We're just waiting on the countertop to be finished and delivered!! I've been very patient, but I am super ready to "move in" to my new papercrafting haven!! Of course, I'll have to post pix when that day comes!! *******My page was one of two entries submitted for the challenge, and there's a poll on Carrie's blog. If you feel so inclined, follow this link and click on "Jessica" on the poll (top, right side of blog). The prize is amazing, and I'd love to get my hands on it!!!! Thanks for letting me share!!

p.s. What do you think of the colors I chose??!!!!
"Colorful" hugs to you,
Jessica in Kansas


ALLY said...

Wonderful page Jessica! You have been entered into the So Sketchy October contest! Good luck!

ant me. said...

Hi Jessica : ) Long time no see. It was a pleasure to receive an e-mail from Vicky Wallace inviting me to see (and vote for) your layout which I gladly did : )

I was blessed to see from your profile that you are a believer woo hoo! yeah sistah!

I have a new blog too (blushing) it sure is fun isn't it?! You'll find me at

Congratulations on your layout you are a winner no matter what!

BIG (((Hugs))) Patti

~Christina~ said...

The layout is adorable!! Did you use actual paint swatches?

I love the colors you painted the rooms. I rent or else I would LOVE to paint paint paint all over!!! LOL. I am so jealous that you get a scrapping room!!!!! Awesome!!!! I have my little scrapbooking Me and my little 2'x3' work area will think of you and your new white countertops next time I scrap. LOL! That really is awesome though...just teasing ;)

rubberstampinzone said...

brilliant ! Love the paint swatches. when I voted for you I forgot to post here to tell you how awesome the page is.